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It all started with a DREAM.
A dream to take up further studies
A dream to live in another country AND most of all
A dream to speak another language

I always asked myself – WHAT IF…? Ten years after, here I am. Here‘s a little timeline of my journey

My Story

The Roller Coaster Ride - The SDA Way

My name ist Eden. I come from the land of beautiful islands called the Philippines

I enjoyed my life there until I fell in love with Germany – it’s culture, it’s language and of course a beautiful human. After 10 years, I now call it my second home, this was however not always the case.

Just like you, I was getting a headache with all those grammar rules and wondered if I will ever make it. I was confused and doubtful.

I felt confused with the all the german grammar, all the rules, all the tables I had to learn.  Because of this confusion, I found myself feeling scared to speak up and communicate and hampered my ability to connect and integrate in the German society.

In the midst of my homesickness, I found new hope, inspiration and motivation to turn my life around.

In fact, I found myself, a new identity, a new personality.  I am still the Eden from before but also a different Eden. TRANSFORMATION.  This is what happens to us when we learn a language.  There are many reasons why we learn a language.  In my case, it was because I wanted to experience life in another country.  This meant learning a new language and integrating myself in it’s norms, culture and traditions.

Believe or not, I used to be so scared to speak German.

I had difficulty learning the grammar, the articles, the cases and yes the deadly prepositions.  It was so hard, I could not see myself ever speaking German. I would nod and pretend I knew everything but really, nada.

Admit or not, most of all I found were Germans as cold as winter, stern, and serious. Believe me - I wanted to go home.

Roadblocks did not stop me from learning German. Now, I have not only mastered the german language, I have also been qualified and certified by Germany’s Federal Office for Migrants to teach it.  My teaching methods works with the standard language

Now, here I am, a full-fledged, certified and qualified integrations teacher.

Teaching German has become one of my life’s passions.  It would be my absolute pleasure to show you around, to show you my tips and tricks.  It would be an honor to teach you German to make learning it less pain-free and more enjoyable. Because life is too short to torture ourselves.

Transform your german

Let me show you the SDA magic!

It is my mission to take you from Level Zero TO Level HERO. Let me take your German from GOOD TO GREAT. JOIN my FB Group to meet new people from different countries and cultures and make a friend or two!  See you there!!!

It‘s all about you

Sit back, relax, and watch as SDA does it's magic to transform you from good to great!

Let me take you from confused to confident, from fearful to fearless and fluent. Choose your course. And watch yourself transform…