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Fabulously Fluent in German

26 Videos



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Good to Great in German

26 Videos


B1 – B2


Turn words to euros

Monetize your German skills on your workplace!

Hands up if you want to go from good to greaaat

Learn German pain free

Learning German doesn't have to be a pain in the neck.

Sharing your ideas to your workplace doesn’t have to be hard. Take away the stress of learning a new language with Super Deutsch Academy, so you can be your best confident self at work.

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Courses for German enthusiasts of any level



Speak German Now

The ultimate guide in mastering German is here. Learn the basics of German in one hour and start speaking it like a native!

1 Video





Conversational German

Learn all German basics in one go – from top verbs, question verbs, everyday verbs and everything in between!

21 Videos


B1 – B2

SDA Mock-up (2)


Level Zero to Hero

Grab my solid custom roadmap, strategy, and action plan you can take with you and to the next level in learning German.

26 Sessions


B1 – B2


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level zero to hero package

Bag all these goodies in one go!

Interactive speaking course

6 week interactive speaking course with me and native speakers

6 hour video modules

6 video modules covering the essentials of speaking and communicating in German

live group speaking sessions

6 LIVE group speaking sessions where you will work on an speaking assignment and which I would give feedback on.

course workbook

Course Workbook full of tips, vocabulary and resources.

lifetime access

Lifetime Access to the course so you can hit replay and repeat!